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£42/one time payment

You can pay for a one-off period of the 42 Challenge which is £42. This gives you full access to the site for 42 days from the beginning of you beginning the program. It ends after 90 Days.


We all have unfulfilled goals and dreams

of a better and successful lives. 

▶ But don’t know how to effect real and lasting success in our lives.  

▶ Because we lack a realistic plan 

▶ Because we have failed so often before we give up believing in ourselves. 

▶ Because we self-sabotage ourselves due to unhelpful life habits 

▶ Because of a lack of loving positive and constant support 





Based on the internationally best-selling book  

42 Days to Wealth Health and Happiness

 Are you ready to make real positive change in your life? 

 Are you tired of  ‘bad’ habits that keep you failing? 

Do you believe that you living below your potential ? 

Are you ready to take a challenge that will change your life, release your potential and build powerful self-confidence?  

The 42 Day Challenge is more than an online course

it is a worldwide community of motivated individuals

who support and embrace the journey to a

wealthier, healthier and happier future.

Banish the failure habit 


Very few of us are taught how to be successful. Most of us, though, unwittingly learn how to fail, to the extent that it becomes a habit. It is this ‘failure habit’, ingrained in each and every one of us at some stage in our lives, that is responsible for diets not working and exercise regimes being abandoned. It is responsible for us giving up on relationships and not having the courage to pursue the careers or lifestyles we truly desire.  


Not only do we repeatedly fail, but we have low expectations of ever being successful and living the lives of our dreams. We harbour the failure habit that whispers at the back of our subconscious mind, ‘You’re going to fail.’ Failure becomes our real expectation, not success.  


How many people start diets never to complete them? The diet- ing industry is a multi-billion-dollar business worldwide, so is the fitness industry. If that proves nothing else it proves one thing: people want to be slimmer and people want to be fitter. People generally fail in life because unwittingly, at a subconscious level, they plan to fail. To be more accurate, they don’t plan at all. Even though they think they are in control, they are not even close to being in real control.  


Give me 42 days of your life and I will help you create the future you want. This is at the heart of my challenge to you. It is my conviction and belief that if you take control of 42 days of your life – that’s just six weeks, taken one day at a time – then you will engage your mind, your body and your spirit in such a way as to create new habits for the rest of your life.

What does the 42 Day Challenge actually involve?

This 42 day challenge is designed to help you overcome the failure habit.

It is designed to put you back in control by starting with small incremental goals and helping you feel good about yourself for life. It is based on addressing the three qualities that make us uniquely human: the mind, body and spirit.  

The mind – easy-to-follow daily exercises in meditation and visualisation to help you gain inner peace and future success 

The body – easy-to-follow exercise and healthy eating plan. 

The spirit – a series of 42 daily reflections to help you rediscover your life. 

The Perfect Hour – 60 minutes will change your life for ever – This is the time you will give yourself each day of the challenge, first thing in the morning, to still your mind, prepare your thoughts, review your goals and establish plans for the future.  

Though the challenge is for 42 days, I think it could have been called 42 hours, because if you really commit to the first hour of the day, every day, I promise you, you will succeed.

The 7 rules for the 42-Day Challenge

Meditate and visualise for 20 minutes every morning as part of your ‘Perfect Hour’  

Exercise every day for at least 20 minutes  

No smoking  

No alcohol  

Perform an act of unconditional kindness every day  

Think positively and believe in yourself at all times  

Don’t eat processed, convenience or junk foods  

What’s does the Membership include? 

the42Days combines

core elements from… 

Daily Motivational Reflections  

Guided Meditations 

Daily Exercise Program 

Health / Wellness  

Nutrition / Dietary Programme  

Online Forums

A Membership Library, updated weekly

with original, inspirational content and guided meditations for an amazing price!

Motivational Reflections 

From international best-selling motivational and peak performance author and speaker Robin Sieger.

Thought provoking inspiring and stimulating reflections about the road to personal development and life success.

Exercise Workout 

You will have daily access to the42days 20 minutes workout exercise video – for those who want to do more or have their own personalised workout program, this is available (extra charges apply for this service).  

Guided Meditations 

The library will have an ever growing number of guided meditations, available to members on a variety of popular topics, such as peace of mind, wellness, overcoming anxiety, success and happiness.

Nutrition and Dietary 

The 42-day programme includes healthy eating plan. You will find a daily suggested eating guide, with advice available through the forum.


Here is your simple path to getting started the42days.

1. Click "Subscribe for Membership"

2. Decide if you want to pay just for the42day challenge

    or by monthly subscription

3. Check your email and login to your Membership Library

£42/one time payment

You can pay for a one-off period of the 42 Challenge which is £42. This gives you full access to the site for 42 days from the beginning of you beginning the program. It ends after 90 Days 


Robin Sieger


Is a best-selling author of 7 books including Natural Born Winners (translated in to over 22 languages) and an acknowledged motivational and peak performance expert, who has spoken to major audiences all over the world.

Originally from Scotland, he was a comedian and comedy writer when at 28 he was diagnosed with cancer, an event that changed the direction of his life. He has since then dedicated himself to understanding and teaching the principles behind success, peace of mind and happiness.


Jay Safari 

Jay has spent over 5 years developing and testing the most effective practices and strategies to help turn our bodies into lean, fat-burning machines. His goal is to develop efficient plans to help maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle in today’s busy world. He has learned to perfect these methods, so you don’t have to struggle through countless fitness and diet fads that far too many people experience.



Lorraine Oliver, 39, Essex, England

In the challenge I set priorities, focused on the ‘things’ that matter to me and found peace. I stumbled along the way but my soul is much happier. I have accomplished more than ever before as I have some clear achievable goals. Go on try it for yourself!

Jeroen Blauwhoff, 41, Germany

I have read numerous books before from all the famous authors about personal growth, motivation, positive thinking. This knowledge helped only temporarily, before the old patterns of behavior reappeared. I then read 42 Days to Wealth Health and Happiness, and took the 42-Day Challenge and I can tell you, this book has changed my lifeI can recommend this book to everyone.

Nikki Cameron, 47, Scotland

The 42 days gave me time out to focus on what was really important to me. Living with targets that challenged mind, body and soul taught me that I could change direction without fear.

Helen Clark, 37, England

The 42-Day Challenge has encouraged me to put my life on track. I now feel healthier and happier because of it. I now feel more peaceful and content than ever before and have learned the skills to achieve this.

Lorraine Earle, 53, London, England

I now feel calm and centred and I have lots morenergy. I have lost weight and achieved various things from the challenge but the main benefit is how I feel inside. I am in control of my life now by making choices rather than just reacting and I now understand that the feeling of security comes from within.

Sally Hasson, MBA, 40, California, US

If you are ready for a life-changing experience, this is it! It will change your outlook, your marriage, your parenting skills, your professional life, etc.! If I can do it, so can you! I lost 16 pounds on this programme. I have gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities because I realise, from Robin’s book, that I can change any time. It’s up to me. No excuses.

Lynn Hidy, 38 Syracuse NY, US

I took the 42-Day Challenge to prepare myself for a huge life changeIt seemed overwhelming. Robin helped me walk through all aspects of my life, take small daily steps towards my goal, and helped me reflect on who I want to be as a person. Take action, buy this book, follow the 42-Day Challenge, and change your life for ever.

Sara Lander, 38, New York City, US

Taking the 42-Day Challenge has had a positive and direct impact on my life. Robin’s programme gave me the confidence to trust myself and the universe, proving that life does not need to be that difficult!

Mark Mortimer, Surrey, England

The biggest thing I got out of 42 Days to Wealth, Health and Happiness was the ability to break bad habits and replace them with good ones, I learned that if you want to, you can change your life and do anything.

Dick Taylor, 52, Lititz PA, US

This is not a weight-loss book, but you will lose weight. It’s not an exercise programme, but you will become fit. It’s not a motivational book, but it will motivate and inspire you with new thinking. The 42-Day Challenge is about you as a whole person. And it will create positive change in every aspect of your life. For me, taking the challenge meant losing close to 20 pounds.  

Robin Wheeler, England

This is definitely not a book for the faint-hearted. But if you, like I was, are stuck in a mental and physical rut with nothing good happening to you and always feeling tired and restless – BUY THIS BOOK! There are very few books that are genuine life-changers, this most definitely is one.

Rosamond M. Deegan, MBA, 32, England

Robin’s 42-Day Challenge has been a total revelation for me. I am quite cynical about ‘change your life’ genre books, but following Robin’s straightforward guidelines enabled me to set my own agenda and reduce stress at work during a time of extreme pressure, and also drop a dress size.

Eve Eighmy, 59, Kansas City, US

I decided to accept the challenge. Robin’s plan for meditation, diet and exercise was just what I needed to break out of the monotony of old bad habits. All I can say is – this really works!

Fiona McTaggart, 32, East Kilbride, Scotland

The biggest thing I’ve got out of taking the 42-Day Challenge is a feeling of achievement. The fact that it’s also beneficial to my physical fitness and appearance is a bonus! I’ve always had the best of intentions, but put things off so many times in the past. 42 Days to Wealth, Health and Happiness has shown me how to support myself in life – it seems like a small thing but when you haven’t achieved anything in your life and everything starts to change for the better, you realise it’s a big giant thing! Thanks v. much Robin.

It’s time to take control of your future wealth health and happiness.

With this unique personal development challenge.


Robin Sieger is putting together the resources you need to thrive in the palm of your hand.

Access motivation, knowledge and endless encouragement.

Overcome the challenges you’re facing.

  From stress to peace of mind.   

  From want to abundance.   

  From unfit to fit. 

  From gloomy to happiness.   

  Supported by a worldwide community of like-minded individuals

$42/one time payment

You can pay for a one-off period of the 42 Challenge which is $42. This gives you full access to the site for 42 days from the beginning of you beginning the program. It ends at the end of the 42nd Day 



(three months advance)

This gives you full access to the forum, the library, access to the instructors and monthly live broadcasts. Plus allows you to retake the 42-day challenge as often as you wish.


Here are some of the most asked questions: 

Live with a sense of Abundance 

Feel Empowered and Inspired 

Lose your Limiting Beliefs 

Create Positive Life Habits 

Find Peace of Mind 

Live a Healthy & Fit Life

Join the42day worldwide community

£42/one time payment

You can pay for a one-off period of the 42 Challenge which is £42. This gives you full access to the site for 42 days from the beginning of you beginning the program. It ends after 90 Days