World-class reputation as a conference keynoter who passionately delivers high impact presentations that are informative, inspiring and entertaining. Robin’s humour and ability to connect emotionally with audiences has seen him become the first choice speaker at major conferences for some of the world’s most successful companies. A businessman, best selling author, and a leading success strategist Robin has developed a reputation within media and circles as a peak performance ‘guru’, in both business and sport. He divides his time between homes in the UK and USA.


Robin is the author of six books including the international bestseller NaturalBorn Winners (Random House), sold in over 90 countries, in 20 languages, and also turned into a No 1 rated television series. recently he has written three books on golf psychology the first Silent Mind Golf remains on the best seller list after three years.


Robin give public and corporate presentations, on the psychology of success and peak performance in business, from shop floor to board level. He also coaches board level executives and professional golfers in the UK and USA. From 6 to 6000 his emphasis is on emotionally engaging the audience with ‘real world’ information they can action.


Robin was one of the first three speakers in the UK to be awarded a fellowship, in recognition of his achievements as a speaker by the Professional Speakers Association. He was and remains the only British speaker to present on the main platform at the National Speakers Association in the USA, at their national convention. He was the highest rated external speaker by Microsoft in 2009 with 96% average rating throughout 5 global events.In 2014 was the keynote speaker at Toastmasters International Convention, in Kuala Lumpur.


Robin studied Human Biology at university then went on to have a successful career as a stand up comedian and a comedy writer for television. At 29 Robin was diagnosed with cancer, He also holds the world record for the coldest round of golf ever played, 18 holes at -26°C, at North Star GC, Fairbanks Alaska, Dec 22nd 2001. He has made over 150 skydives having taken it up aged 49. He is never happier than when sharing laughter and moments.


He has 20 years experience at the highest level, is an international best-selling author who has spoken successfully around the world. His years as a BBC television producer enables him to connect with audiences and hold their full attention for his presentations which are noted for content and laughter. He is thoroughly professional and is very easy to work with.